February 20, 2017

Why A Website?

My Motivations

I have often asked myself the above question, particularly being an “amateur” photographer and no commercial need. I already had a site that is more blogging orientated than image presentation, so why change?

With a bit of soul searching I realised, blogging requires regular posting and my spare time was not affording me this regularity. I am only able to spend time on my hobby after hours or when off duty from my work commitments and regular posting was not working for me, hence me questioning my motivations.

I would like to promote myself as a wildlife photographer which is my first love but this also brings on a dilemma, I have lots of other genre images that are also worth showing, so what now? The opportunity to get to wildlife destinations and capture images remains limited being a hobby and this subsequently leads to a restricted volume of images compared to any professional.

At this stage you may be asking where is this leading to? Well, with the development of this website my focus is on presenting all of my images, those I deem worthwhile, in various categories for everyone to enjoy. It is of no use having images stuck away in folders on an external hard drive or computer, somewhere only I know where. My motivation? I am convinced there will be someone out there who would enjoy viewing a particular image, scenes or category of images presented here. As for the future, the option of an e-commerce addition could be a consideration.

Until such time as I able to bring you a dedicated wildlife website, this is Derek Evens Photography unplugged. I trust you will find something of photographic interest as you delve through the albums and galleries.

Oh yes…. considering the “amateur photographer” title my sentiment is rather “A proficient hobby photographer”.



  • Gerhard Wentzel May 5, 2017

    Good luck may you have hours of joy going forward.

    • Derek Evens May 5, 2017

      Thanks Gerhard, time consuming but the satisfaction comes when you know someone somewhere liked an image.

  • Monica Joubert May 5, 2017

    Hi Derek. This is lovely and what a wonderful gesture to share your beautiful images.

  • Francois May 5, 2017

    Very nice! I agree withIt is of no use having images stuck away in folders on an external hard drive or computer 🙂

  • Fanie Potgieter May 6, 2017

    Voorwaar pragtige foto’s en mens kan jou passie daarin sien. Baie dankie dat jy dit met ons deel!

    • Derek Evens May 6, 2017

      Waardeer Fanie, hoop om die tempo te kan handaf.

  • Ternce May 7, 2017

    Baie lekker om hier saammet jou te kuier Great site

    • Derek Evens May 7, 2017

      Waardeer en dankie ou maat. Nog baie werk, ek doen alles self so baie groot “learning curve”. lekker aand en goie week.

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